Half Way Around (Pre-Release Album)

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    Deep Blue Sea

    Produced by Mike Roe Mixed by Gene Eugene@The Green Room, Huntington Beach, CA

    Perry Springman: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars Jonathan Perkins: Vocals, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars Mike Roe: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars Tim Bonikowsky: Guitars and Vocals Oskar Johnsson: Drums

    Mike Roe also co-wrote "Reason" and "We Live Inside" with Perry Springman.

    Mike Roe and the Poorboys are proud to present their latest record, "Deep Blue Sea" (mixed by Adam Agains' Gene Eugene) This CD features Mike Roe's production, song writing as well as more of the beautiful guitar playing which we all expect from Roe. You might also hear his voice on some of the tracks. Mike and Gene both think that this is by far Perry's best release.

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    Saturn Light

    Produced by Mike Roe Mike played bass, some electric and acoustic guitars, and some vocals.

    Mike Roe calls Saturn Light "the garage band record I've always wanted to do." This "rough around the edges" rock record puts Perrys' pop sensibilities in a sea of great rock guitar and bass. Saturn is the work of three guys, two weeks and lots of instrumental versatility. The rock solid drumming by Magnus Sjolander (from The Miscellaneous) and the "out there" solos by Mike accentuate Perrys' strong writing and melodies. Mike is all over this record in instrumentation and production.

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    No Fear in Love

    Produced by Mike Roe Mike played additional guitars on "Live", "Guitars", and "LADA". He also did some bgv's.

    "No Fear in Love" is a roots/pop record with infectious melodies, which may drive you mad. Songs like LADA, Guns, and No Fear in Love demonstrate Perrys' gift of writing memorable four-chord pop that you can do nothing but sing along to. Ransom and Where Can I Hide From You will move your soul. The instrumentation, provided by a band of Swedes, is acoustic based and remains fairly organic. The pennywhistles and accordion give some of the songs a Celtic flavor. If you like memorable organic pop with great harmonies, reminiscent of the BareNaked Ladies, this is the record for you.

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    Poor is Better

    Produced by Enno Maemets, Leho Verk, Bo Hallbeck 

    "Poor is Better" was recorded in Estonia , a small country in Eastern Europe. To this day, Perry has yet to see any of the money made from this album. Apart from those who bought it in Estonia, most people haven't had the opportunity to listen to this album because it's only in record format. Yes, record. There are only a few copies, so if you want to purchase one, contact Perry.







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