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Watch Everyone is in Love and Ransom concert videos!

Be sure to check out the new promotional video that Perry and the Poorboys have put together!

Here it is. The first Perry and the Poorboys video 'Meet the Poorboys', now available to you in a wide varieties of sizes and formats. Pick the one that works best for you.

Meet the Poorboys

Microsoft Windows
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* Requires Windows Media Player 9


Apple Macintosh
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0.9 MB 8.8 MB 29.0 MB
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MPEG-1 Format
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Here is a small collection of sample audio files from our various albums.

Each file contains only a portion of the complete song.

The files have been created in MP3 format. 

No Fear in Love
Lada hear it  [930 KB]
Where Can I Hide From You hear it  [1.2 MB]


Deep Blue Sea
Reason     hear it  [1.7 MB]
Three Fine Days hear it  [1.2 MB]
We Live Inside hear it  [1.0 MB]
Make me Fall hear it  [1.3 MB]
Fortune Traveler hear it  [1.2 MB]


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Perry and the Poorboys' newest band member?